Refund Policy and DOA

All sales are final. If for some reason your order (or individual coral) is dead on arrival (DOA) credit towards another order. You must notify us via email of DOA corals within 2 hours of delivery. You will need to provide photos of all the coals received in your order. We encourage you to take photos throughout the unboxing process. Do not throw away any corals.

Some corals become stressed when shipped and may appear dead. However, corals can recover most of the time. Always begin acclimating your corals as soon as you receive them. If you have a concern about a particular coral, or believe it is DOA, begin acclimating and contact us. We will provide you with instructions for how to care for the coral as it may only be stressed and not dead. Failure to follow our directions for care of corals will waive the DOA policy. Any credits received will be valid for 6 months. There is no refund/credit on shipping charges under any circumstances.

Asking for shipping outside of our shipping policies (see terms and conditions), waives the DOA/refund policy. We have established shipping methods to ensure our corals arrive alive and healthy. These include shipping days, shipping components (heat packs/cool packs/ packaging), and approved temperature ranges during delivery.