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"First found out about them at a coral venue, had the best looking pieces in the building! Had to go back and buy more and both their frags and knowledge are excellent as well as friendly. You will not be disappointed by what you get from them." - Kyle Sultes

"Wonderful experience! So knowledgeable! Great prices and great quality! My new favorite place for coral!" - Melissa Cobb

"Good people, good coral, good prices and good promotions!" - Jake Kelly

"So, you meet people in this hobby every day. But it is a unique experience to meet a company and a family who goes out of their way for the hobby, for the industry, and most of all for their customers. The free frag we went for was no joke, big and beautiful... but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Their displays are immaculate, their selection was incredible, and the prices are GREAT. If you get the chance to buy from them either in person or online, you will be getting great corals, and getting to meet some truly awesome reef keepers in the process! Thank you both for your hospitality, and the awesome eye candy!" - Greg Chernoff

"Bought a torch and it’s doing great! They have a nice selection of corals and definitely friendly people! Will be going back for sure!!" - Nathan Simmons

"... they’ve got a great stock from what I’ve seen and I have a feeling I haven’t seen the tip of the iceberg. Very customer oriented and really seemed to want to make sure I got the right things for my tank. I will most definitely be using them again (and again and again)!!" - Ken Tompkins


You too can find your new favorite place here for coral online.